Thursday, September 20, 2007

OptIn Voodoo -- Email List Building that Works!

"OptIn Voodoo" has been floating around cyberspace for several days now. It sounds intriguing enough. But just what the hell is Optin Voodoo, anyway? How can it make your list building efforts pay off more handsomely?

Let's say you've been marketing your products faithfully. You've built a great website. You've got stellar products. You've even been tithing to the Pay-Per-Click Gods, hoping they will smile upon your sales charts.

But you can't get people to opt in to your email lists, so you can stay in front of them and get them to buy?

If you're like 99.99% of internet marketers today, it's because you don't have the right tools. Standard opt in forms don't work anymore -- people think twice about giving out their contazct info to another website owner. And then they think a third time. And then they decide not to do it.

You know how if you're fishing and you use the same old bait, sooner or later the fish are going to stop biting. If you're using a static opt in form, you're using stale bait.

Maybe it's not politically correct to compare customers to fish, but you get the point -- if you're going to stay competitive, you've got to find new ways to get people to opt in to your list so your email marketing becomes more effective.

And the king of opt in list building tools (er, bait?) is coming October 2nd. It's called Optin Voodoo, and from what I've seen, it stands to put you head and shoulders above your internet marketing competitors.I can't share a lot of details just yet, but rest assured it's going to make your power to build marketing email lists grow exponentially.

How would a tool that makes your website visitors jump at the chance to subscribe to your email marketing list help grow your business? What if you could make list building effortless? What if you could increase opt in rations dramatically in just minutes?

Stay tuned for more information on Optin Voodoo!

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P.S. -- Make sure you save the homepage link for OptIn Voodoo -- this is one email marketing tool you won't want to miss!